Frequently asked questions

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Time management

Can it be used from any device?
Yes, our web interface allows us your freedom. We also have native Android and iOS apps for your employees.
Are monthly summaries available for inspection?
Yes, every month you can download PDFs of your team's monthly summaries. Even employees can sign it online.
If someone doesn't come, how do I know?
Presence alerts, with this tool you can find out who has not come or what faults they have in the system.
How do you control the number of days off?
Clockio takes care of everything, it calculates the days, the days consumed, the days pending and you can also see them visually in the calendar and planner.

People management

Do I have to pay more for system updates?
We constantly update, apply new regulations at no extra cost.
Can I add all my equipment?
Register with Clockio, and register all the workers, Clockio takes care of the rest.
If I expand the team, what do I have to do?
If your plan is lower, you can order as many licenses as you need, the cost per worker is fixed. You only pay for active workers.
Can you help me with a need that Clockio does not have?
Yes, our aim is to adapt to the maximum number of companies, and we develop tailor-made solutions.

Project management

Can I manage my tasks with Clockio?
Yes, we have client and project management. Each task must be a Work Order, where hours are assigned.
Do TOs have statuses?
Yes, they are active, deactivated, pending, billed... it has the statuses so you can keep track of your services.
Can the productivity of individual workers be monitored?
Yes, it is possible at individual and collective level. In addition to production control per project, to analyse costs and benefits.
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