Clockio for Companies

Time and attendance software for companies

Control time, projects and people. Create an employee portal for your company.

Manages all employee-related issues and is 100% compliant with the current law
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Clockio's most used features by companies


Time Management

Control the hours of your employees, in a simple way, time control with multiple clocking methods.

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Project Management

Start the digital transformation of your company by simply and efficiently managing your teams and projects.

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People Management

Teams, timetables, shifts, schedules, holidays, leaves, expenses...

Forget the Excels and bring order to the chaos.

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How can we help you?

Clockio will accompany you by adjusting to your needs as you grow.

Control the timetable in person and remotely

We manage more than 500 workers efficiently, we help you.

It complies 100% with the current law

Don't worry about legal regulations and their constant changes. At Clockio we make sure you are always up to date.

Don't buy any specific hardware

Web, Apps, NFC, numeric... all in an easy to deploy way.

Keep order in your projects

Jobs, clients and projects, we will save you a lot of time.

Link Clockio with your ERP

Integration with the company's own applications via API. Possibility of implementing customised APIs.

Don't waste time

We know you don't have time to waste, sign up and add workers, and start clocking in.

We facilitate team management.

With Clockio, you can manage without training: workers, teams, schedules, patterns and plans.
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Integrate Clockio with all your systems thanks to its API.

Integrated data, one data, one place - that's our mantra. We help your IT department to integrate all your solutions.

Time and attendance control, mandatory by law for companies

The simple and economical way to comply with the law, what are you waiting for?
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