Simple and effective project management software for enterprises

Project Management

Optimise and control the way your teams work


Start the digital transformation of your company by managing your teams and projects in a simple and efficient way.

Simpler, more efficient

We can summarise it in 4 steps, because more complex does not mean better.

Add a Client.

Enter your customer details in our customer management.

Create a Project.

Add the project assigned to the client in order to start working.

Organise it into Work Orders.

WOs or Work Orders are the hours stipulated for a job to be carried out. They will be billable or not, and manageable to facilitate the understanding of the team.

Assign them to work teams

The WO created can be assigned to members of your team to start working.

Help your business grow with optimised management.

With Clockio, people management and project management are all in one tool, ideal for analysing your productivity.
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Organise remote work with integrated time control

To work remotely Clockio helps you from the first minute, teleworking in an easy way with time control and assigned tasks.
Clockio for teleworking

All project management functionalities.

We know it works, because we use it ourselves.


Manage your customer data in an orderly and fast way.


Your projects with information on tasks invoiced, not invoiced, deviation... all the control in one click. It even has integration with JIRA (Atlassian).

Work orders

Hours have never been so easy to keep track of, work orders with time alerts.


Assign and review work from your timekeeping tool.


All workers will allocate their effective working time to the different TOs for monitoring and productivity.

Document manager

Payroll, notices, risk prevention... all the documents available to the employee with the employee portal.

Analyses and exports data

Excel, PDF, CSV... and much more with our data exports.

API Integration

We make it easy for you, we have an API to integrate Clockio with your tools or external software.


All the information you need to manage your person in a visual and practical way.
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