Application and programme for time and attendance and clocking-in of workers.

Time management

Keep track of your employees' hours, the easy way


Time control with multiple clocking methods.

Tab as you like and from wherever you prefer


Mobile APP

Manage the working day from the device we all carry in our pockets.

Geolocated Signing

You will know where your workers start from and where they end up.

Holiday and leave requests

You can easily plan with the calendar and our "planner" tool.

Expenditure management

All expenses and documents in a single tool, Clockio helps you to manage them.

Tablet in the office

Controls entries and exits in the workplace. In the simplest way and without the need to train the employee.

PIN mode

You will be able to have a tablet for workers to clock in with a code and NFC card.

NFC cards

The ease of use of NFC cards joins Clockio to assist workers in check-in and check-out.

On any Tablet

Android, iOS, Windows... any platform is supported.


Computer-based token. The preferred method for teleworking .

Control of inputs and outputs

Easy check-in and check-out for your employees, providing the best user experience.

Holiday and leave requests

Whether at work with the computer or at home with the Apps, request and manage holidays and leave.

Without installing any software

All the work in one click, our approach is that our tool will solve your problems.

All time management functionalities.

Specialists in counting, we have more than 500,000 hours logged.

Time control

The time and attendance of your workers in automatic mode, the system itself helps you in the management.


Your best solution to manage calendars, centres, departments... in a simple way.

Cost control

The ultimate tool to control expense documents and amounts in one click.


Save time and money by planning your teams in a visual and practical way.

Application for permits

Approve or deny permissions in one click, schedule schedules and review problems visually.

Rotating shifts

The management of schedules, patterns and shifts in 3 clicks, this is our brand, your service in a safe place.

Monthly summary with digital signature

Clockio solves this problem for you by providing your employees with their official and signed PDF files.

API Integration

We make it easy for you, we have an API to integrate Clockio with your tools or external software.


All the information you need to manage your person in a visual and practical way.

Want more reasons?

There is one very important one, and that is that we are good people.
But as it is difficult to prove it, we give you more objective reasons

Telecommuting is here to stay. An opportunity to attract talent.

With Clockio you can monitor your working day and the time spent on each project.
How does it help me?

Clockio is the most secure platform on the market

Clockio uses the blockchain base to store the logs as well as their modifications.
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