Clockio for municipalities and administrations

Personnel management and time and attendance software for municipalities and administrations.

Control the working hours of civil servants in a simple and legally compliant way.

It complies with Article 34.9 of the Workers' Statute in the simplest possible way.
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Clockio, the best choice for administration.

We have been working with municipalities since 2019, we know their needs.

Ease to use

All schedules and tracking in one click, simplified to save you time.


Knowing the location of your employees can help you optimise their routes.

100% compliant with workers' statute

Complies with Articles 34.9 and 35.5 of the Workers' Statute.

Rapid deployment, no purchase or installation

We know you don't have time to waste, sign up and add workers, and start clocking in.

We have experience with administration

We have been working with municipalities and administrations since 2019.

Annual turnover

Digital management for your administration, annual invoicing.

Time control and compliance with the workers' statute, mandatory for the administration.

Like private companies, the public sector must also comply with Article 35.5 of the Workers' Statute.
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How can we help you?

Clockio will allow you to control the working hours of all staff.

Control the timetable on-site and remotely

Full control for your staff wherever they are

It complies 100% with current law and the workers' statute.

Don't worry about legal regulations and their constant changes. At Clockio we make sure you are always up to date.

Organise all workers by department

Easily organise your workers and their respective commands.

Manage holidays and public holidays

Your best solution to manage calendars, centres, departments... in a simple way. With double approval.

Don't buy any specific hardware

Integration with the company's own applications via API. Possibility of implementing customised APIs.

Control absenteeism

All the information you need to manage your person in a visual and practical way.

Generates all legal reports

Integration with the company's own applications via API. Possibility of implementing customised APIs.

No complex installations or deployments

With Clockio you can monitor their working day and the time spent on each project.

We have experience working with the administration

Some administrations that already use Clockio.
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